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A Good Home Forever – BOOK
Written by Rosemary Morrow

At the moment the book is being re-disigned and printed. Please send us an email so we can keep you informed on the progress. Thanks for your patience!

A Good Home Forever is an outstanding and useful guide for people who are perplexed about their next move. In this small book and accompanying DVD Rosemary Morrow offers you ways of making decisions and moving forward in these new times of financial downturn and environmental crisis. A GOOD HOME FOREVER makes no claim of covering everything yet the overall picture will be immensely useful for you.

This book is for you, if you are:

• Worried about your mortgage and are considering selling your home to pay it off.
• Intending to buy a new home and downsize your home and lifestyle.
• Concerned about the long term maintenance costs of your home.
• Considering building an environmentally friendly house.
• Wanting to live in a supportive community.
• Wanting to meet more of your own needs.
• Wish to reduce your environmental footprint.

The book provides a step by step account of Rosemary’s first hand experiences of RetroFitting, backed up by her 30 years of living sustainably using the principals of permaculture.